"I started doing Pilates in a very painful and restrictive

condition due to disc herniation on my lower back. Even

doing very basic moves like tying up shoes, reaching to

get something, sitting down or getting up were a real

struggle. Coming across on the internet, I decided to give

Golden Hands a try.

From the very start, my instructor David listened me and

observed my movements with incredible attention. He

constantly verified if my body was doing well through out the sessions. He made sure I understood the point of each exercise by instructing them in various ways with clarity and patience. With these set of skills and vast knowledge on human anatomy and muscle systems, he continues to craft my workout and shape my growth absolutely and only according to what my body needs and to what I’m capable of.

Thanks to his guidance, I’m incredibly grateful to gain back my mobility, build my core and use my muscles with stability and confidence. I can feel the strength and efficiency of the muscles I have never felt before."

Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu

"Let your abs lead your way"

We teach Classical Pilates Mat work and Reformer work

at all levels; from no experience at all, to advanced. Our

goal is to provide you the most effective Pilates workout,

safely and with focus on the original method of Joseph Pilates.

Wear soft clothes / gym clothes, no shoes, and bring a towel if you'd like. There is room for 5 people per mat class, and room for 2 people per reformer session.

Below you find the exercise time table and rates and payment policies. Our classes all adapt to the people coming to the particular class. You get challenges within the class to fit your individual need for exercise:

higher or lower challenge.

Scroll further down to find more information on David and on Pilates.

Current time table

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06.05 Pilates


08.45 Pilates


08.45 Pilates


08.45 Pilates


08.45 Pilates


08.45 Pilates


08.45 Pilates


08.45 Pilates


11.00 Pilates


11.00 Pilates


11.00 Pilates


11.00 Pilates


11.00 Pilates


12.30 Pilates


13.00 Pilates Mat

17.15 Pilates


17.15 Pilates Mat

17.15 Pilates


17.15 Pilates


18.15 Pilates


18.15 Pilates


18.15 Pilates


19.15 Pilates


19.15 Pilates Mat



Rates and payment options mat classes

Prices are per person (VND)

Group class

1 single class 230.000

5 classes package 1.000.000

1 month (e.g. 9 October-9 November) 2.500.000

Private class (for 1, 2, or 3 people)

For 1 person

1 single class 600.000

5 classes package 2.500.000 

1 month (e.g. 9 October-9 November) 4.400.000 per person

For 2 people

1 single class 350.000 per person

5 classes package 2.500.000 per person

1 month (e.g. 9 October-9 November) 4.400.000 per person

For 3 people

1 single class 300.000 per person

5 classes package 2.500.000 per person

1 month (e.g. 9 October-9 November) 4.400.000 per person

Cancellation policy

When cancelling later than 3 hours before

booked Pilates appointment: Full charge

About David Ragnarsson

Fitness teacher since 2006

Instructor's education:

Pilates class floor exercises

Gym and weight training

Les Mill's Body Balance

Classical Pilates

Core training

Aqua Pilates


Precise Pilates ™ is rooted in the classical Pilates method founded by Joseph Pilates. The idea behind Precise Pilates ™ is to make the classical Pilates workout even more efficient in terms of technique, precision/flow and transitions. The Precise Pilates ™ concept also focuses on strengthening hips and lower back and to get these parts more agile.

David Ragnarsson, Pilates teacher since 2006, believes that if more focus is put on control and precision, than what already is in the classical Pilates method, the workout would be even more beneficial for you. The power house; abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs should constantly be the first target in each and every exercise.

During the 12 years of working in the Pilates field,

David Ragnarsson has realized that so many suffer from neck

pain due to wrong posture, stress, and weak neck muscles.

We are keeping our chin to our chest 50% of the time of day,

if not more. The reason being computers, mobile phones, iPads,

etc. We should rather be keeping our head down away from our

chest on many occasions. Therefore, in any exercise normally

asking for chin-to-chest, Precise Pilates ™ asks for chin-to-chest

in 30% of the repetitions until you are seemingly capable of

keeping chin-to-chest for longer and finally for the whole of the


Precise Pilates ™ is an exercise system which you can continue doing as an elderly. And it is never too late to begin practicing if you have never done it. Precise Pilates ™ will prove that carefully and precisely executed exercises can give as good results as exercises performed hastily and jerkily, believing that that will provide you cardiovascular exercise. But what about damage to joints, skeleton, tendons, etc. over time? Precise Pilates ™ exercises ask you to perform a maximum of 10 repetitions, never more, and some times fewer. During these repetitions you should use control, precision and flow, and you should use your full power so that you could not make more than advised number of repetitions. It is not repetitive work we look for, it is efficient work.

What is classical Pilates?

There are so many ways in which the human being can physically move. Every day we use our body by movement; walking, bending, stretching or reaching, and so on. To use our body like this we need, to name a few things; joints, muscles, blood, nerves, tendons... To use our body on a daily basis helps maintaining it all. Probably, many times, you have felt stiff in your legs and back after sitting still for a longer period of time. Once you have gotten your blood to circulate more, that stiffness decreases, if not disappears. The blood energizes the muscles and makes you more limber.


By breathing you provide your blood fresh oxygen. This cleanses your blood and also your muscles when the blood runs through them. A greater intake of oxygen, a deeper inhalation, cleanses your blood and muscles more. The exhalation transports waste products away from your lungs. A greater exhalation rids your lungs even more of waste products.


As a result, your blood will stimulate your muscles more during exertion, and make your muscles stronger and increase their stamina and durability. With practice, it will take longer and longer before your muscles cramp up. Combining breath and exerted movements, in other words exercise, is therefore of great importance.


Being aware of your movements, controlling your movements, is another corner stone. This helps you prevent mishaps, and in the long run, injuries. Knowing what part of your body is to be more active in movement while a different part keeps a still position, could for instance prevent you from slipping on a wet or icy surface.

It is about yourself

Using your body while you are breathing and controlling

position/movement is just what Pilates is, very much like life

itself. Pilates is your body and mind working together to align,

straighten and correct yourself. Yes, your body. We are just

ourselves doing the movements, without external weights.

Joseph Pilates - Contrology

From the beginning, somewhere close to 1910, until the mid

1970's, Pilates was known as Contrology. Joseph Pilates, founder

of Contrology, conquered his own ailments as a youngster (suffered from rickets, asthma, and rheumatic fever) by designing this systematic form of exercise. And, at the age of just 15 Pilates posed as a model for anatomy charts.

Power House

The pillar which keeps us erect, the spine, is dependent on the muscles surrounding it. Keeping these muscles strong and limber gives you a better posture and easier to perform movements. But the back alone is far too fragile to support us through daily tasks and exercise. That is why we in Pilates look to the trunk for support. Joseph Pilates called this area of muscles "the primary power house". Basically it refers to the pelvic floor muscles, abdominals (front and sides), and muscles of the lower back. The idea is to keep this area activated through out the session, more or less, but always active. Why? Well, for one thing, it keeps the body safe. And second, it makes you exercise with greater awareness.

Anybody can do it

Continuing to develop and refine the Contrology system on through his life, Contrology consists of 592 original exercises. They each gradually set you up for the next one to progess through the system. It can therefore be done by any one, no matter physical status, age or exercising experience. As long as you can make the slightest movement you can do Contrology. This is one of the beauties of this exercise.


After his death, he was honored by his disciple Romana Kryzanowska as she changed the name from Contrology, to Pilates.

Complete body workout

Being active in your abdominals is always the most important, but it is far from the only active part in your body. You are trying to activate the body's muscles while moving. Making everything hug and squeeze together; your legs, arms, feet, hands, and so on. Making everything elongate; your legs, arms, spine, waist, etc. And do not forget to control these actions. Losing control means losing awareness of your body. Never work faster than your control allows you to.

Personal progession

When a lot of these actions with control fit together you can reach a bit further, hug and squeeze slightly more, perform exercises with more grace than your prior Pilates sessions. And you probably can feel a difference when more and more of these controlled actions strengthen, align, and correct your body and focus your mind. You can always refine your body's performance and strength. Even more so tomorrow...

To place a booking, please text David

033-259 2660

For questions call David or email


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